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YUZUYA, japanese restaurant (senopati)

Yuzuya by MID

MID is all in one solution for design, printing and finishing menu book, MID has been helping many restaurant business entrepreneurs in making menu book for their business.

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Menu Book Design for YUZUYA, a Japanese Restaurant in Senopati-South Jakarta

MID Has been doing this menu for such while, the project stared before pandemic and finished in end 2021. It’s a Pandemic tragedy… no body knows. well it was done now, and we were so glad that we finished this project on time just when the restaurant needed. Thank you for hanging with us for this long project (the restaurant hold the renovation during pandemic).

This menu contains lots of photos and we help to crop it one by one (over 100 more photos) it was a passion and patience work. Glad our team had given more than enough time (almost 2 years 😊 for doing it so. The design was build with in the inspiration of the ambience as well the ornament of the restaurant. The cover was build based on the mood of the restaurant facade and the whole unique interior charming. The inside was design beautifully with Japanese ornament.

image from pergikuliner.com

MID, desain menu was so much inspired from the interior decor that has so many ornament and we turned it down to make all the 100 more photos of sushi and many other will looks pretty and balance. We limit the colour of we used for the design. Let the product take focus in subtle background.

good interior good design menu, that was our aiming for the menu.Thank you YUZUYA for the project with us during the pandemic time.

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