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Design Menu Restaurant Indonesia for CakTuCi

MiD design menu restaurant Indonesia for CAKTUCI, a Manado restaurant at Panglima Polim which is one of the best manado restauran in Jakarta. Traditional Indonesian food which is tasty and full of spice and lots of fish.  CakTuCI had chosen MiD to design menu restaurant Indonesia for the restaurant. The design was done in 2 years for some reasons, but Mid managed to done it passional.  The design menu restaurant Indonesia like CakTuCi was special since this restaurant has so many variable of menu that can be made by the customer, example grouper can be cook in woku style or garo rica or dabu dabu.  Our designer decided to make a small box of the way to show how the way you want the cook cooks for your protein (chicken, many kind of fish as well)

CakTuCI Menu Book was Simple but show the restaurant concept by design menu restaurant Indonesia

CakTuCi has simple menu book design with dark pastel kind of color and the design was made to show the photo temptation.  Design Menu Restaurant Indonesia decided to make the size horizontal skewed, to make the menu fit to the small table and make the design modern.  Design menu book for this restaurant no need to inject traditional touch or Indonesian ornament, since the photography has done in such manner that looks so traditional.  Thank you for the great photography.

Menu in Design for design menu restaurant Indonesia

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