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Ahli Desain Menu Restoran. Konseptual desain buku menu, cetak dan jilid, membuat cover buku menu. Satu layanan lengkap untuk desain cetak jilid buku menu restoran anda. Terbukti dah telah menjadi kepercayaan beberapa brand restoran di Indonesia.

MiD, Menu in Design Jakarta

10 years in menu design business for your exclusive restaurant, professional restaurant menu book maker from scratch to finish book.  conceptual menu book designer for your great and proper design menu, our services:

Conceptual Menu Book Design and Printing – Book Finishing with professional, reliable and friendly service.

MiD, specialised in making your menu book with great design that is accommodate the concept of the restaurant or cafe.  MiD has been dedicated to making your best conceptual design with great colour printing and representable finished book. Showing what is your concept is what MiD do best with in the aesthetic and simple understanding to the guest.

Making a menu book is it easy? MiD makes it simple on your part

Our client only do 3 things in the beginning of the proses and the big chunk is in MiD team.  Then your part is just approving and giving inputs. Here are the 3 things:

  1. Showing us the concept of your restaurant
  2. Giving us list of your menu with pricing and description
  3. Giving us your food photography

It is easy and simple on your part and let’s us do the complicated one, we are trained and costumed in making menu book from your restaurant concept to finished product