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Design Menu Book ABUBA STEAK

Design menu book ABUBA steak Jakarta took a lot of thinking as well coordination with client, since the menu has multiple variable and category to expose.  Design menu book for this steak restaurant was fun, challenging and have branding concern. Design Menu Book like this has to do a lot of graphic illustration and photographic arrangement. Asking the food photographer to create a dividing page images as well a props shoot for this design menu book.

Design Menu Book for existing restaurant

ABUBA STEAK is not a new coming restaurant, it has been in the business quite long and has a good reputation for steak. Design menu book for this existing restaurant need to be careful to preserve the brand perspective that has been establish. When we designed menu book, we had several brainstorm with the owner to seek what we can enhance in this new design menu book.

It was an happy ending story for new Design Menu Book by Mid

After many days, we finally finished printing the new design menu book for ABUBA STEAK, It was on time as scheduled and had good quality as well. MID team supervised the printing and finishing of the book. The happy moment was when the owner received the 1st copy of the printed menu, they said excellent and happy with our working proses and the result.  Well planed design menu book as well it turns out to be dragging sales up.  Thank You Lord

Design Menu Book for your restaurant like abuba steak?